Friday, September 3, 2010

I am expecting the cease and desist order any day now...

So if you follow me on twitter it is pretty evident that my adoration for Alan Rickman runs pretty deep. In fact, if you google TooMuchSexy Alan Rickman I am pretty sure all the entries are me talking about him. Unbelievably enough I am NOT his most rabid fan.  Though I keep track to make sure I don't cross the line  (and no having my husband dress up as Severus Snape for Halloween totally doesn't cross it) For years and years I have taken shit for making him my #1 choice on The List. Which when you pick a 45 year old Englishman w/ an  epic mullet when you're a 12 year old girl you sort of open yourself up to ridicule. So I was really thrilled when Dawn sent me a link this fabulous website enumerating the many reasons why he is hot (though I could name a few more like this where he TANGOS or this where he shows how hilarious and pretentious and British he can be.)    Finally, justification for my long time obsession celebrity crush. So yeah, I'm going to keep talking about Alan Rickman a whole lot, consider yourself warned.


  1. He's 64 now....but he is awesome and always will be.

  2. Girl, you know I'm not judging. :D