Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Small Town Savoir Faire

It has been two months since we decided to move back to our hometown. While lots of things are going great over the past few weeks, I've noticed that my husband and I tend to stand out in the crowd.  This isn't really that new of a development when two clothes whores marry each other, you tend to be the ones who bring it at any social event. We are used to being what some might call over-dressed.  We are the ones that look a bit like we just stepped out of a JCrew catalogue when we attend our kids' soccer games. It is just who we are.  While in Lexington, we stood out at times but there were often times when we weren't the only ones.  Now, not so much. I do feel a bit like Eva Gabor in Green Acres, sticking out like a peacock in a chicken coop. There is a part of me that wonders if we should tone it down, maybe not show up at the kids' practice in a flirty summer dress and shiny ballet flats. Perhaps, not going to the grocery in 5 inch heels. But why should I?Should I work to blend in with the rest or stay true to myself? 
The fact is I worry about perception. I am not a stuck-up snob, well mostly I'm not. I do not want to put people off, but I see watering down my clothes as giving up part of myself.  So I am just going to learn to deal with the odd glances and the questions of 'Where are you heading?' 'Got someplace to be?' I'll keep the heels, the sparkle, the dresses, the pearls and the big accessories. I am still me, even in Paris.


  1. You could always just answer those questions with "Well, we *are* in Paris!" :)

  2. I am going thru a similar transition now that I work in Paris. I want to maintain the same level of fashion I enjoyed sporting in Lexington. But I now work in a place where my coworkers are sporting thier favorite t-shirt and jeans day in and day out while I am working in my summer dresses and sandals as much as possible. I have learned to just take the glances as envy and appreciation for steping it up. Keep on "over" dressing and know there are a few of us in this small town that appreciate a well put togther outfit!

  3. I sympathize as an expatriate Parisian/part-time Lexingtonian. Glad you're holding your ground. While never being short on characters, Paris needs your intellect and unique creativity. Heck, any small town needs that kind of energy to continue thriving.